Trading Items: From A Paperclip To A Box Truck?

Recently, I started reading in one website about this chronicle of how one red paperclip owned by a guy in Canada began a series of trade – 14 to be exact – until he was able to get a brand new house of his own. It’s really ridiculous how this story goes, ridiculous in how the guy made it all possible. And he kept talking about how he’s just an ordinary guy along the way relying on blind luck. Not quite, I thought. It was an amazing story of vision and creativity, not to mention the guy’s determination to follow through with his promise of driving anywhere the deal maker lives in. It was simply plain cool.


But what struck me was the point where he was able to trade that trip to Yahk with a Cintas Box truck. It was pretty amazing to go from a non tangible product to a tangible one in just a few days. One of a kind barter, and that doesn’t happen everyday. It also reminded me that I still have a box truck of my own to sell.

The box truck is not really exactly mine, but more like a complicated gift from my former trucking company after a legal battle. It’s a long story, and I’m more worried now about how I can sell this monstrous thing just sitting out there in the farm, making no miles. I don’t really know much about how much these things are supposed to cost, and I have to repeatedly check in order to search for anything that is near the model of my box truck and compare prices so I can detail all the ads I posted online. It’s a good deal of money, which is really rad, but looking for buyers is I think, almost next to impossible.

But then, the trading story had me cooking up an idea. Suppose I place an ad in Craigslist as well, or in one of those swap websites, about my box truck open for a trade? It might be worth a shot, considering that I have pretty much exhausted all other means of putting its availability out there. I’m just stumped, really. And this is all because I ‘won’ the settlement too.

Hopefully I get a few offers before I go insane looking at that truck outside. I really hate it when thing go wasted, especially when there are people out there like the red paperclip guy making ingenious ways to get out of their rut.

Finding A New Piece Of Furniture For The Living Room Corner

In our home we love all types of wooden furniture. It’s quite a shame that the kids recently destroyed the clock we kept in the living room. It was an honest mistake, they were just playing a bit too rough indoors and happened to bump into the clock. It is fixable, but it’s kind of a mess and we don’t really want to keep that on display anymore.


So the search for a new piece of furniture started last week for something to go in that corner. One of the nicest places we found a replacement for was hutches from I think we settled on it being a hutch or simply a plant. Since we do like the warmth that a great piece of furniture can bring, we couldn’t get off the hook that easily on this one with just a plant.

One of our favorites we found was a warm oak hutch. It’s from a company called Coast, and they seem to make pretty decent stuff. This one stands pretty tall, a few inches taller than the clock we’re replacing it with. It comes with some paned windows so it sheds light on whatever is inside. The windows have thick wooden pieces going through it so it’s not completely see through. My favorite thing is that it is quite spacious inside the cabinets. This will give us lots of room to store our plates and any other for-show items that would look nice there.

I did check some other options at a local store and they did not seem to be as nice. Some places had unfinished ones so we’d have to paint it ourselves at home. With the kids here, it’s not really an option for us although we are technically able to do it. I just want to find something and be done with it, as the empty space there is not something I’m used to. For the meantime, the broken clock is going to go upstairs into the study where it will be safe from the kids.

Some Solutions For Your Storage Woes

keepsakesAs time passes by, our needs and wants shift from one thing to another. From liking a toy car to actually desiring your own set of wheels or from envying the latest clothes of your friend’s doll to picking out your own clothes. Our necessities and desires change over time. We will acquire new things while we disregard our used-up objects until the time when we have too many materials that everything has become disorganized.

When this happens most people hold garage sales to try to clear up some clutter but when you try to set up that’s when you usually become nostalgic and clingy. You end up keeping some stuff because you plan to reminisce or to use it again but then they wind up stored back in the attic eventually, this process repeats until it just disappears.

To prevent this, we have a tendency to just put them in bags or cartons and place them up in the attic for, hopefully, future use again. The problem is that we forget them most of the time and that we actually buy another set of materials only to be disposed of again up in the attic or the cellar. Lucky for me, my friend ordered a curio cabinet (from this site) for me and I found it so useful that I checked out the site myself and found several functions for it, be it storage, decoration or both. A lot of individuals and families also use cabinets to preserve space without having to deposit them in the attic where dust will settle. Most people use curio cabinets for their former or current prized possessions to not only have storage for them but also as a display and a reminder of these items. The thing with these cabinets is that they will also be a cue to our memory that we still have these particular things.

But having too many stuff in the house is indeed very uneconomical as it will only take up unnecessary space in our homes. The best way to handle this is to initiate a garage sale or to donate them to charity. If the objects seem to be a tad useless, then why not just throw them away?

It will make your house cleaner. But for the important indispensable merchandise that we own, it is really better to just put them into a curio cabinet to turn an eyesore into a wonderful sight.

Things To Note When Getting Your New Kitchen Together

They say that the bedroom reflects a person’s personality and the kitchen shows a person’s appetite. You will always know if it is owned by someone who loves to cook or someone who doesn’t based on the appliances present. Either you’re a cook or not, there are things that you should know about your kitchen. Let me ask you this: How are you sure that your kitchen is well equipped?

Whether you’re redecorating or starting out a new house, there are basically a few points you must know about a kitchen. First and foremost, a kitchen should always be clean. You don’t want some germs or bacteria living there right? I make sure that I clean the kitchen everyday even if I didn’t use it. I also make sure that at least once a month I get to do a general cleaning of my kitchen. This will ensure the health and safety of everyone in my family. Try having a cleaning schedule. It will surely help you allot a time for your kitchen maintenance.

Getting the right appliances is the next step that you should take. What appliances should you get? Do I need to have a blender or not? Will I get big refrigerator or a small freezer just like the ones available from These things depend on how you would like your kitchen to look like and what kinds of dishes you’re going to cook. Don’t just buy something just because it looks good. You wouldn’t like to waste some cash for something that you will not use.

There are essential things that your kitchen should possess. These are the things that you will be mostly using all the time. Just like what said, there are 10 things that you should have in your kitchen. Some of these are knives, pots and food containers that are used almost all the time. I’ve added a few more appliances that a starting kitchen should have and these are: refrigerator, stove and oven.

Remember these things that I’ve said and you’ll be as good to go in preparing and decorating your very own kitchen. And oh, always choose something that is not that bulky so that you will have a lot of space to work on.

How To Work More Vegetables Into Your Diet

When we’re in the kitchen it’s always easier to take the shortcuts for meals. This means things like frozen foods, TV dinners, canned foods, and a lot of other processed alternatives. This is something we do to save time, but sometimes it can have a negative effect on our health.

Most foods that are processed will do that to us, and many people aren’t really aware of that fact. So instead of going for that bag of chips, you can try to cook some foods that are more natural, or less processed. This will include things like vegetables, fruit, oats, beans, and more. The less some company had to do to get it to its current form, the better.

Some ways to incorporate this into your meals may require a bit of meal planning. However, it’s okay since buying these unprocessed foods is usually a cheaper option anyway. Just take a day out of the week to plan a variety of fruits and vegetables that will be needed for the week. This way you get a mixture of goodies for you and the family.

If you want to do a salad, you can get a mixture of greens to do a few variations for the week. Get some lettuce, cucumbers, spinach, and avocados even. For a few days of the week, just use lettuce and cucumbers and avocado. The other days, mix it up with spinach, avocados, some light dressing, and some almonds. You can even use these leftover veggies as a side when preparing dinner.

If you want to eat them raw, most will provide the best benefits in that state, but in terms of versatility, you can try them uncooked and cooked for different parts of the day. For a healthy way to cook them, try a light method by using vegetable steamers like the ones from Cooking them with one of these steamers will help retain nutrients in the food better. This will stretch your dollar a lot and provide a mix of things for your family to eat. After all, they may get sick of it if you’re just making the same dishes over and over.

Get Extra Kitchen Space Using Microwave Carts With Storage

The kitchen has a variety of utensils and appliances which need to be stored. Many people have settled for leaving some not so frequently used items on the counters or on kitchen tables for long periods. This is not the best option because the more someone crowds the surfaces, the higher those chances are of having no space at all to work on those favourite menus. In this regard, getting a new microwave cart with storage cabinets gives a cook more options where keeping crucial kitchen appliances and resting the microwave anywhere else apart from the countertops is concerned.

However, expect a long list of demands and items to consider when buying a decent furniture piece for the kitchen. It is not a matter of looking at the account balance and saying that one can pick any item that falls in the specified price tag. Size and location are among things to consider. The compartment size of the microwave should be well known and the cart with storage cupboards has to be able to accommodate the machine. This is less true if the cart only allows the microwave to be rested on top of it, just like it would be placed on a kitchen counter.

In terms of floor spaces, the microwave carts should not be a headache when someone is thinking of the best spot in the kitchen to have the cart “parked”. The dimensions such as floor space it will cover has to match or be less than the floor space available in the kitchen. It can be frustrating if a pristine storage kitchen cart is purchased and there is nowhere practical enough to have it placed. Think of and visualize how the cupboards and rack space that the new furniture will bring to the kitchen, so that the already cluttered kitchen cupboards will be decongested.

In terms of quality, some things that people should look at when examining the cupboards and storage areas are hinges and doors. They should allow easy opening and closing. The drawers should also slide easily. Warped wood is a taboo when shopping for the microwave carts or any other kitchen furniture. A number of carts will also sell in packages which have to be assembled by the owner. Someone therefore has to be prepared for the task of assembling the cart.

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